marbled product list and pricing

As always, all of our fresh product is 100% Natural, Free Range, and Locally sourced from Ontario family farms. To ensure the utmost freshness and quality, it is delivered weekly from Tuesday through Thursday at limited quantities. Since we will never keep a frozen inventory of any of our product, there is a chance we might be sold out of an item you seek near the end of the week. To ensure you receive the product you seek, please email or call to place your item on hold.

One of marbled meats key goals is to offer product of exceptional quality at a very attractive price point. Typically, our product is priced at least 30% lower than anyone else carrying a similar product.

Our Dry Aged, Grass Fed, Beef Tenderloin is $25/lb, an exceptional value which anywhere else is priced at $35/lb or higher, 40% savings.

Our Free Range, 100% Natural, Chicken Breast at $10/lb, compared to $14 or higher, another 40% savings.

We also specialize in Game Meats such as Wild Boar, Venison, and Bison to name a few, which are locally sourced, at a great value. Please email or call us for our full selection.

Please call 905 582 4272 or email :

Fall/Winter Hours

Wed......10am to 5pm
Thurs....10am to 5pm

Fri........10am to 6pm
Sat.......10am to 6pm
Sun......12am to 4pm

Mon..... closed


Spring/Summer Hours

Tues......11am to 6pm
Wed.......11am to 6pm
Thurs.....11am to 6pm

Fri..........11am to 6pm
Sat.........11am to 6pm
Sun........12am to 4pm

Mon..... closed



    (subject to availability)



    Center Ribeye

    Lamb Loin Chops

    Lamb Sirloin Chops

    Rack of Lamb

    Lamb Leg Roast

    Hand Made Sausages

    Smoked Pork Chops

    Free Run Eggs