Our Suppliers

With our promise to you to always offer 100% Natural, Free Range and Local premium meats, we source our family farmers with the utmost attention to every small detail. We feel we represent the very best when it comes to Ontario farmers, and will continuously strive to raise the bar to offer the freshest, healthiest and tastiest products for you and your family to enjoy.

Free Range Chicken

Our poultry comes from Fenwood Farms just outside Ancaster Ontario and we feel it is the best chicken you will ever have. Vitamins and herbs are used to build their immune system so that no antibiotics are used, and the feed consists of a custom blend of natural grains. Each bird is provided with fresh air, clean well water, and lots of space to roam to ensure a true Free Range product. Our chickens are harvested every Tuesday, air chilled and vacucm packed for delivery every Wednesday morning. We always sell out by Sunday to guarantee the freshest product. We also offer a Free roasting service for the chickens, just let us know what time you would like it ready and that is when it will be coming out of the oven for you.

If it is truly not the best roasted chicken you’ve ever had we will gladly give you twice your money back. Try it, you’ll love it!!!

Pature Raised Beefs

To offer a fantastic 100% Natural Beef selection to suit every taste, flavour profile and budget, we deal with 3 different Beef Farmers.

Our 100% Grass Fed, and Dry Aged beef arrives every Wednesday (based on availability) from Simcoe County. It is a True Grazing Red Angus cattle which is Dry Aged for a minimum of 14 days to provide a very lean, tender, and healthy option. It is also a fantastic value. Compared to what others charge for a similar product we are always at least 25% less.

The Grass Fed, Finished On Corn and Dry Aged beef arrives every Thursday and/or Tuesday from Norwich Ontario. It is a Family Farmed Limousin cattle which is Dry Aged for a minimum of 14 days to provide a tender, well marbled, and flavourful option. It is our biggest and most popular supplier offering great variety and value.

The most unique product we offer is our 100% Natural Prime Grade beef. It is a Corn and Beer Finished, Dry Aged, Hybrid Breed from Wellington County. Providing a very marbled, extremely tender and full flavoured Striploin or Ribeye, we’ve been told by our regulars it is the best steak they have ever had.

Pature Raised Pork

Our 100% Natural and Grazing Pork comes from Hilltop Farms in Simcoe County. It is a Berkshire Breed providing outstanding tenderness and flavour. It is harvested every Monday, hung on Tuesday, and delivered every Wednesday. We typically sell out of all the cuts available by Sunday so we encourage special orders to ensure availability. We also provide a Free Catering service for our baby back ribs. They are slow cooked to order but do require at least 3 hours notice, resulting in very moist, tender, and fall off the bone ribs.

The sausages we offer are a great healthy alternative to a typical sausage. Hand Made from 100% Natural Pork every Tuesday morning, using only premium cuts, with natural herbs and spices and absolutely no fillers. We typically offer Honey Garlic, Hot Italian, and Mild Italian. They are extremely popular and usually sell out by Sunday.

Free Range Eggs

Our 100% Natural, Free Range Eggs come from Green Meadow Eggs in Aylmer Ontario. They are an Aumish Family farm raising small flock hens which are fed grass, grubs and grains resulting in the most natural tasting eggs out there. They are delivered every Thursday to ensure the utmost freshness.


“It was a long search to discover the current family farmers that truly represented what marbled meats stood for, which is 100% Natural, Free Range, and Local meats. I met with many that strived to meet all 3 criteria, but most fell short. The current group of family farmers that we deal with truly represent our philosophy of responsible and sustainable farming with a sincere passion for what they do” Tom Stasiuk